Kendall’s Hallmark settles into new ownership

Published 2:55 am Monday, December 19, 2016

Washington’s Hallmark store has a new lease on life and is settled into new ownership.

In April, longtime storeowner Amy Winslow sold three of her Amy’s Hallmark stores to new owner Rajul Moose.

The three stores, located in Washington, Roanoke Rapids and Rocky Mount, are now known as Kendall’s Hallmark, named after Moose’s oldest daughter.

Although transitions in ownership can be tough for businesses and their clients, this one seemed meant to be.

Moose said Winslow took on the role of mentor for her in years past, and as far as business philosophy, the two see eye to eye. Moose already owned a handful of Hallmark stores throughout eastern North Carolina and in Myrtle Beach, and with her strong Christian faith, Winslow viewed her as the right choice to take the reins.

“It’s just really funny how it’s all fallen into place,” Moose said.

Moose and her family have also grown to be good friends with Winslow and her husband Jack and make sure to keep in contact.

Mirroring what Winslow started, Moose has maintained the idea of a main Hallmark store, with a smaller boutique attached. Named Alayna’s Boutique after her second daughter, Moose said the boutique section is meant to appeal to a younger crowd.

Alayna’s Boutique carries mostly specialty items and clothing lines, while the Hallmark stores carry the more traditional decorative items, and of course, the famous greeting cards.

In the future, Moose said she wants to add on a boutique to the Washington location, as well. Hallmark’s lease at Washington Square Mall runs to at least 2022.

“People don’t send cards like they used to. People don’t collect things anymore,” Moose said. “We want to stay competitive.”

Moose now owns a total of nine Hallmark stores and seven of Alayna’s Boutique, and she is excited for the future of the Washington store. She said she wants to continue working on appealing to a new generation of shoppers.

She certainly isn’t stepping away from what Winslow built, however. During the transition, Moose made sure to keep all of the same Hallmark employees, so customers will continue to see familiar faces.

“Each store is thriving in its own way,” Moose said.