Town seeks Connect NC funds for water line

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BELHAVEN — The Town of Belhaven is moving forward with a plan to secure funds for a Water Street water-line replacement.

At Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, the board approved town Manager Woody Jarvis’ pursuance of a contract with an engineering firm to apply for funds to help cover the cost of the replacement. The funds are part of the $2 billion Connect NC bond that was passed by voters a year ago to go toward the education system, state parks and infrastructure, among others.

Jarvis said he is looking to contract with Stroud Engineering of Greenville to apply for the Connect NC money.

“It’s been one of the top priorities for the water department for several years,” Jarvis said.

He said the water-line replacement would cost a total of $400,000, based off of the most recent estimate, and the Town would be applying for grant and loan money.

Based off of Belhaven’s sewer and water rates, Jarvis said the outlook is positive for potentially receiving up to 75 percent of the replacement cost in grant money, with the remaining 25 percent on loan.

Jarvis said if the Town’s application was accepted, it would be a great deal for Belhaven, and one it doesn’t need to pass up.

However, the Town must pay a $5,000 fee to Stroud Engineering for its services.

Jarvis told the board he didn’t feel comfortable with such a high number, so Stroud “graciously agreed” to only charge Belhaven $2,500 if the money is not secured.

“I think they would be attentive to us, and I think we should establish a relationship,” Jarvis said.

The board members agreed that contracting with Stroud Engineering is the best avenue to replace the water line.

“This has been a problem we’ve been dealing with for a long time,” Mayor Adam O’Neal said.