‘Blue Hats’ group helps elderly woman in need

Published 7:19 pm Tuesday, April 4, 2017

AURORA — It’s not every day that a group of strangers is willing to help someone in need for nothing in return.

But that’s what happened to an elderly woman living on West Road in Aurora, who couldn’t come back home without a handicapped-accessible ramp.

Sabra Hamilton, who is in her 80s, was in the hospital for two months because of a stroke, and allowing her to come home was contingent on her having access to a ramp.

“We either had to build one or get somebody to build it,” her son Roger Hamilton said.

Enter the everyday heroes, the “Blue Hats.”

Headed up by local resident Don Johnson, a group of several men from Cypress Landing banded together to make this ramp a reality at no cost to the family.

Using materials from W.B. Thompson Farm Supplies Inc. of Aurora, the group got to work on a 40-foot ramp leading to the door of the home. The project, although a lot of work, only took them a day to complete.

“They did an excellent job,” Roger Hamilton said. “It’s a fairly long ramp.”

Hamilton said he was also impressed with the quality of materials the “Blue Hats” used to build the ramp.

He said he isn’t sure how the group heard about his mother’s predicament, but he thinks someone from the Department of Social Services may have contacted the men.

“They made all the effort in the world to try to find out where I was,” Hamilton said. “They had so many other things on their plate. A ramp was probably the hardest thing to do.”

Thanks to this act of kindness, Sabra Hamilton is back at home, safe and sound. Roger Hamilton said he is grateful for that, and for the help from the “Blue Hats.”

“It’s going to last for a long, long time,” he said of the ramp.