Teamwork is the key to success

Published 1:47 pm Monday, April 17, 2017

Last week we mentioned the definition of teamwork and the value it will have on our downtown. Please allow me to expound on this and the different players it involves to keep our central business district sustainable. There are many different roles that must be fulfilled for a team to perform at a championship caliber. Everyone has a role, and they must accept this role for the team to win. Every role is different, and it will take different skill sets to perform for the team to remain a continual winner year after year. Let us begin to show you how this effects our historic downtown.

The first player we can discuss is our merchants. Each merchant must be supportive of one another. Whether this is on Main, Market, Respess or Gladden streets, they must be supportive of each other. This was brought up at a recent merchant meeting, and we all agreed. When our businesses support one another, then our velocity of currency increases. They purchase from one another, thus giving each other much needed help. This collaborative type of effort also insures sustainability and better professional and personal relationships. It is a must. We cannot ask our public to shop local if our merchants do not live by the same creed. Knowing them, they will.

The second player of importance is the building owners. Some of our merchants do not own their buildings and have to pay rent. Some of the buildings have absentee owners who live out of town and do not have the relationship with Washington that we all have. Some may ask to upgrade their store but without the owner’s permission they cannot. We need to encourage our building owners to join our team and help us improve the façades in the front and rear of many buildings. It will help the merchants as they try to attract foot traffic in their store. We at the Washington Harbor District Alliance are avid supporters of our merchants and will help in any way to improve the façade to many such buildings.

The third member of this team and the most important is us — the residents of Washington! We are the quarterbacks and the leaders of our team. We really need to give our merchants the first chance, and at a time when online shopping seems easier, just take a few minutes to see if the product may be purchased locally. Keep your dollars in Washington and support your school and churches by shopping local. You will benefit all of Washington by doing so, and what is spent locally, will stay local. It is a proven fact. If our merchants and owners step up, should we not? Please support our local merchants and be a contributing member of our team.

Finally, your WHDA has recognized the urgency to help and has reorganized to give our merchants more support and be more effective. The WHDA is a player and has really tried to show you and our merchants we only want what is best by giving our best.

A team is like a bucket. If the bucket develops a small leak and water drips out, it must be fixed. If not repaired, then the leak only gets bigger, and all the water comes pouring out. Let us all remain a team and together we can guarantee our town the sustainability it so justly deserves. We all play a role on this team.

In conclusion, let me remind you once again to please support our local merchants and shop, dine and play in beautiful Washington by the Pamlico. If you are not too tired, you can always take a walk with the H-Rob.

Harold Robinson is the director of development at the Washington Harbor District Alliance.