Bath Elementary places in math competition

Published 5:41 pm Friday, April 28, 2017

Bath Elementary School sent a total of eight third- and fourth-grade math teams to the Third-Annual Math Competition held at John Small Elementary School. In the team awards, Ms. Holt’s third-grade Number Crunchers placed second, and Mrs. Dickerson’s fourth-grade Mystical Math Magicians also placed second. Mrs. Dickerson’s fourth-grade Blackbeard’s Crew placed third. In the individual awards, Tyson George from Ms. Holt’s third grade placed first, and McKinney Waters from Ms. Holt’s third grade placed third. In fourth grade from Mrs. Dickerson’s groups, Conner Bowen placed first with a perfect score, and Mariah Hux placed second. Bath Elementary School is proud of our students and all the hard work they put into this competition.