School renovations underway in Greenville

Published 8:38 pm Friday, June 9, 2017

From John Paul II High School

GREENVILLE — John Paul II High School is proud to announce that renovations are now underway, cementing its campus at 2725 E. 14th Street, Greenville, for many years to come.

The most noticeable renovation will be the complete remodeling of the school’s front façade, modernizing the exterior and allowing for a more secured centralized entrance for students. Other renovations include the construction of a state-of-the-art science and physics lab with new iMacs and investigation stations to support the school’s vision of a robust STEM curriculum. School officials expect all renovations to be completed ahead of the upcoming fall semester.

In addition to the remodeling and construction taking place this summer, the school completed several updates throughout the previous school year, including chapel and school-wide classroom renovations.

The school originally leased the property in 2010 and intended to use the former church as a means of transitioning to a permanent location on Dickinson Avenue. The school, however, determined that convenience and accessibility of the current campus made it a better location.

“The renovation of the front of the school will be a dramatic change to 14th Street,” said Principal Craig Conticchio. “And it should serve as a signal to all of Greenville that our school will be here, continuing to grow for decades to come.”

Further demonstrating the commitment to the 14th Street location, future expansion of the campus is also in the works, with two buildings of additional classroom space in the planning phase.

“We’re fortunate to have been able to experience a 20-percent increase in enrollment this year; and as it continues to grow, we’re excited to be in a location that allows our facilities to keep pace.” Conticchio said.

JPII is currently enrolling students for the 2017-2018 school year, and is offering scholarships and tuition incentives for families who qualify to help make their education more affordable. To learn more about JPII, the renovations or to schedule a tour of the school, contact Debbie Sommer at 252-215-1224.