Deed transfers: June 10-16, 2017

Published 9:02 pm Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 12

Jerry Ronald Chapman to Karin Michele Gurnee, Richland Township, 4.98 acres

Jason Mitchell Gee to Nicholas F. Fritz, Washington, lots 21-23, block H, Smallwood

Angela K. Lapp to Philip A. Lapp, Washington Township, SR 1412, Brown Road

Carl Van Note to Valentina Hueck, lot 2

Linda K. Brewer to Laurence M. Polye, 3 parcels, First Street, parcel 1, block A, Pamlico River, parcel 3, Bath Township


June 13

Yvonne M. Tannahill to Trent Alan Carpenter, Long Acre Township, tract 4, 1.18 acres, Slatestone Road

Carolyn Ann Worsley to John S. Lane, Washington, Eden Drive, lot 2, block R, Smallwood

Todd E. Blumenreich to Andres L. Davis, Washington, Ninth Street, lot 117, Nicholsonville

Kevin C. Linton to Kevin C. Linton, Chocowinity Township, 2 lots, 0.76 acres, Bay Harbour

Mary E. Butcher to Ervin Churchville Harris, Belhaven, Haslin, Pantego and Pine streets, lot 1

Curtis Eugene Ormond Jr. to Tracey Jeanette Jordan, Aurora, lot 8

Fannie Mae to Golden Rock Investments LLC, West Fifth, Washington, West Fourth and Fleming streets, lot 10

Remex 4 LLC to Joseph R. Branch, Chocowinity Township, Bay Ridge, lot 154, Cypress Landing


June 14

Irving B. Litchfield Jr. to Andrew S. McCoy, Washington, 2 parcels, Riverside

Donald E. Ayers to Franklin R. Luckey, Richland Township, 10.16 acres

Thomas F. Lawson to George Cumpston, lot 133, Cypress Landing

Carolyn Bland Odom to Stuart Weir, lots 6 and 7, Crystal Beach Estates

William Kenneth Roebuck to Tracy Jackson Warren, Washington, West 13th and Market streets

Tamera Smith to Juan Hernandez Urquiza Jr., Chocowinity Township, 2 lots, block G, Harris Acres

Lewis Joseph Thomas to Peggy H. Ross, Washington Township, lots 1 and 2, Tranter’s Creek Estates

Pam Barrett to S and L Property Investments LLC, 0.43 acres, lot B


June 15

Bonner Lee Latham III to Joshua Lee Latham, Long Acre Township, 1.18 acres

Jason T. Kirkman to Reed W. Taylor, Chocowinity Township, lot 7, John R. Jones Heirs

IBX Development LLC to Debra O. Farrar, Washington, marina at Moss Landing Condominiums, unit A-17

Rufus H. Knott to Wayne Langston, Washington

Franklin Duval Johnson Jr. to Larry M. Boyd, Washington, Hackney Avenue, lot K-3, Washington Harbour

Guy Douglas Soloman to Scott L. Sachs, Washington, West 11th and Respess streets, 0.87 acres, lots 11-12

Eleanor Jo Woolard to Robert R. Legg, Long Acre Township, Wedgewood, lot 10, Yacht Club Cove


June 16

Milford L. Dunbar to Deloris D. Creasman, Chocowinity Township, 4 tracts, U.S. Highway 264, tracts 3 and 4, Hughes Street, Moss Subdivision

Charles F. Switzer III to Dallas Lee Waters, Washington, lot 17, block U, Smallwood

Joseph Lane Griffin to Tranter’s Creek Herring Club, Washington Township, 1.49 acres, U.S. Highway 264, lot A

Stephen Milton Holloman to Susie L. Howard, lot 56, Beaufort Pointe

William Charlie Manning to Jennifer S. Hudson, Long Acre Township, Landon Drive, Runyon Hills

Elwood S. Tinker Jr. to Shanna Smith Galcia, Pantego Township, 4.34 acres, lots A and B

Onnie F. Spencer to Rosalinda A. Spencer, Pantego Township, SR 1621, 0.69 acres

Onnie F. Spencer to Hattie Pearl Spencer, Pantego Township, 2 parcels, SR 1621, Swamp Road, parcel 3, 1.57 acres, parcel 4, 1.57 acres

Danny M. Foreman to Jason Myles Foreman, Long Acre Township, SR 1525, 0.98 acres

Reading H. Allen III to Two Necks and a Blonde LLC, Washington, 0.1 acres, tract 1

Rick O. Stevens to Two Necks and a Blonde LLC, Washington, 3 parcels, parcel 1, 0.74 acres, parcel 2, tract 2, 0.12 acres, parcel 3, tract 3, 0.14 acres

Max Walther to Walter Chad Asby, Washington Township, 2 tracts, Cedar and Cowan streets, Rosedale

Gray Thomas Stowe to Melissa B. Keech, Washington, lot 21, block A, Smallwood

John M. Anderson to Richard E. Ericson, lot 9, block 1, Crystal Beach Estates