Tyrrell County by the numbers

Published 3:39 pm Saturday, July 15, 2017

The 2015 population estimate for Tyrrell County was 4,152, three inhabitants more than the 2000 census count of 4,149, but 255 persons below the 2010 census of 4,407.

That up-down demographic leads a County Profile section in a recent publication titled “Hurricane Matthew Resilient Redevelopment Plan for Tyrrell County” that was prepared by North Carolina Emergency Management.

Purpose of the document is to describe hurricane damage, the county itself, and what ought to be done to repair and prevent future losses.

This report takes a look at the Recevelopment Plan’s view of Tyrrell County and Columbia.

The plan states that Columbia’s 2015 population estimate was 795.

The median age in Tyrrell County is 44, and in Columbia it is 42. North Carolina’s median age is 42.

Tyrrell County is 60% white, 30% African American, and 10% other races.

Columbia’s population is 41% white, 37% African American, and 22% other races.

Latinos (an ethnic group, not a race) account for 10% of the county’s population and 30% of the town’s.

Eight percent of Columbia’s population has limited English proficiency: that is, the population 18 years and older that speaks English less than very well.

In 2015, 22% of Tyrrell’s population, and 30% of that in Columbia, were below the federal poverty level; whereas 17% of North Carolinians fell below that level.

In Tyrrell County 49% of the population is classified as low and moderate income versus 39% statewide.

In 2015 median household income of the population age 25 to 64 was $37,067 in Tyrrell County, $34,936 in Columbia, and $53,000 throughout North Carolina.

Eleven percent of Tyrrell households did not have a motor vehicle available in 2015, 19% in Columbia, and seven percent in North Carolina.

In 2015 in Tyrrell County 78% of workers commuted alone, 81% in Columbia, and 76% statewide. In Tyrrell 12% carpooled or worked at home.

Average commute time in Tyrrell was 24.4 minutes, 19.9 minutes in Columbia, and 24.7 minutes in North Carolina.

In 2015 Tyrrell County had 2,003 housing units: 63% single family, 36% multifamily; and 34% were manufactured housing.

Seventy-four percent of occupied housing units in Tyrrell County were owner-occupied in 2015.

Of residents over age 16 years 44% in Tyrrell County are part of the labor force compared to 63% throughout North Carolina. The labor force is those working or looking for work.

The Albemarle Commoission’s 2012 Economic Development Strategy showed that tourism had a $3 million impact on Tyrrell County.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates show that 70% of Tyrrell residents age 25 or older have a high school diploma or associate degree and 8% have a bachelor’s or higher degree.