Deed transfers: July 8-14, 2017

Published 12:35 am Monday, July 24, 2017

July 10

Penelope B. Rodman to Ronald L. Cook, Long Acre Township, 0.44 acres, lots 3 and 4, Shady Banks

Arlen R. Wainwright to Michael Allan Standley, Richland Township, 6 lots, lots 13N-16N, Hickory Point Lands

Russell Lilley to H. Rayford Lilley Jr., Bath Township, 2.02 acres, Pamlico River, lots 1 and 1A

H. Rayford Lilley Jr. to Anayely Hernandez Reynoso, Bath Township, 2.02 acres, Pamlico River, lots 1 and 1A

Nicholas R. McKinley to Geraldine B. McKinley, Richland Township, 2 parcels, Piver and Service streets, parcel 1, Hickory Point Lands subdivision, Hickory Point Road, parcel 2, Pamlico River

Rickie Small to Colleen Small, Washington, McNair and Fifth streets

John G. Hoppenthaler to Robert Brooks, Washington Township, Wedgewood Drive, lot 22, Tranter’s Creek Estates

Bryan Mitchell Moore to Laura Perez, Washington Township, SR 1001, Cherry Run Road, 0.95 acres

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Bayshore Drive, 0.456 acres

Virginia N. Warren to Virginia N. Warren Revocable Trust, Long Acre Township, lot 39, Pamlico Plantation

James B. Peele Jr. to James B. Peele Jr., Bath Township, 2 tracts, Charles Street, tract 1, Corey Avenue

Alice P. Marshall to Steven W. Arrington (trustee), state roads 1924 and 1925 and Parker Lane, 2.087 acres, tract B

Phyllis J. Schulte to Jason T. Kirkman, Washington, Bonner and East 14th streets, 0.25 acres

Talmadge G. Woolard to William Earl Woolard, Long Acre Township, 2 tracts, tract 1, 0.82 acres, tract 2, SR 1520

Edgar M. Swindell to Donald S. Miller, Chocowinity Township, Pamlico River

Kim V. Woolard to Phyllis J. Schulte, Washington, lots 28-30, block O

Friedman-Ravenwood LLC to Nicholas Sanders, Washington, Main and Respass streets, Respass Town

Jacqueline Ann Carlson to Jeffrey R. Nix, Richland Township, 2 tracts, tract 1, tract 2, block 7, Crystal Beach Estates


July 11

Lori S. Richardson to Donnie L. Smith, Wharton Station Road, 1.07 acres

Ted William Eubanks to David Barbe, Bath, lot 7, Back Creek Estates

Northgate Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC, Washington Township, lot 37, Northgate

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Jacob N. Canady, Washington Township, lot 37, Northgate


July 12

Stephen A. Graves to Page Management LLC, Washington, North Market Street

Jaimie Cutler Newman Grissom to James Mitchell Estate Cutler, Long Acre Township, 10 tracts

Jaimie Cutler Newman Grissom (executor) to Jaimie Cutler Newman Grissom, 7 tracts, tracts 1 and 3-7, Long Acre Township

Jaimie Cutler Newman Grissom (executor) to Anthony T. Cutler, Long Acre Township, 3 tracts, tracts 2 and 3, Main Street

County of Beaufort to Paul Bartle, Pantego Township, SR 1635, 4 acres

Julius Dupree Edwards to John Carney Edwards, Chocowinity Township, 2 tracts, tract 1, SR 1177, tract 2, 1.94 acres

Warren G. Whichard to Herbert Glenn Worthington, Chocowinity Township, lot 10, Bay Lake Estates

Johnny B. Brinn Jr. to Sals Enterprise Inc., Bath Township, SR 1718, North Savannah Road and N.C. Highway 99, 1.44 acres


July 13

David A. Kendrick Jr. to Melissa D. Kendrick, Washington Township, SR 1409, Wharton Station Road and Gilbert and Griffin lanes, 0.975 acres, lot 5

Tomiko P. Woolard to William T. Booth, Washington, West Sixth and Market streets, lot 43

Jerry W. Stotesbury Sr. (trustee) to Mar-Jen Farms LLC, 4 parcels, parcel 1, Pantego Township, parcel 2, 30 acres, parcel 4, 5 acres

Linda Faye Woolard to Ellis Edward Woolard Jr., Long Acre Township, 0.3 acres

Levi Gary McGowan to Lapina Maness, Washington Township, lot 45, Tranter’s Creek Estates

First A&T Properties Inc. to R&S Properties of Washington Inc., Long Acre Township, River and Magnolia roads, lot 13-D, Pamlico Village


July 14

Nancy Ruth Scoble to Janette Crabtree, Long Acre Township, lots 30-31, Yacht Club Cove

Wanda Mae Foreman to Irene Alligood Sloan, Long Acre Township, SR 1526, Biggs Road, 8.5 acres

Herbert Glenn Worthington to Cyrus R. Taylor, Chocowinity Township, lot 10, Bay Lake Estates

Doris E. Hofmann to Candace G. Pollard, Long Acre Township

David J. Sykes Jr. to Johnny G. Pressley, Washington, Northwood Road, 0.79 acres, lot 19, block W, Smallwood

Lorraine V. Aragon to Eric J. Reyes, Bath Township, 0.3 acres, lot 11, Schrams Beach

Donald A. Hermany to Adam Funk, Chocowinity Township, 0.622 acres, lot B-1

Fannie Mae to Moore Estates LLC, Washington, 0.19 acres, lot 4

Robin C. Vinson (trustee) to Robin C. Vinson, Bath Township, Pamlico River, lot 33, Plum Point River Shore

Gary Helton to Ashley E. Woodruff, Bath Township, lot 26, Bridgewater North