Young library fans donate lemonade stand proceeds

Published 7:07 pm Friday, July 28, 2017

BATH — Three grandchildren from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, visited family in Bath with good intentions in mind. The result: a $75 donation to the Bath Community Library.

When Ava Kate, Andrew and Noah Arkader visited grandparents Harry and Carolyn Wetmore in Bath this summer they decided it would be fun to set up a lemonade stand.

“I am extremely proud of my three grandchildren. They were really looking forward to making lemonade and Rice Krispy Treats,” Carolyn Wetmore said. “They thought it would be fun. I then asked them what they would like to do with the money, and they decided to just donate it.”

The library was the recipient of the money the children earned, and will be used to improve the children’s section, according to Daisy Carr, treasurer of Friends of Bath Community Library.

“It will enable us to improve the children section even more and get additional books,” Carr said.

Carr said Friends of Bath Community Library’s role is to help with library improvements, from buying benches and chairs, to hanging kites and ordering more books. She said the Arkader children’s donation is an appreciated gesture.

“The children definitely have great role models and will become outstanding citizens,” Carr said.

As for Wetmore, she said, as a grandparent, it is a wonderful feeling to see young people with such kind spirits.