Troop 21 Boy Scout improves Ruby’s garden

Published 7:58 pm Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tripp Pippin wants to honor his great grandmother.

And he will, as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Pippin, from Boy Scout troop 21, is creating five handicap accessible raised beds for Ruby’s garden, a ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church named after his great grandmother.

The garden grows fresh produce and the church donates the produce to local organizations like Eagle’s Wings and the Zion Homeless Shelter.

The Reverend Jim Reed of Asbury UMC said the church was in the process of trying to expand Ruby’s garden, and Pippin reached out to him and wanted to help.

“It fits with the [Boy Scouts] mission and it fits with our mission to work together. I’m just excited for Tripp to be able to do something to honor his great grandmother, too,” Reed said. “It’s more than a perfect fit. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of.”

On Saturday, Pippin spent the day building the raised beds and transporting them to the garden.

Pippin’s family, friends and fellow Boy Scouts assisted him in the project. Pippin, as the leader, walked around the yard of his grandfather’s house offering advice or help to anyone who needed it as they built the beds.

Reed said the church received a grant from the Duke Endowment Fund to expand the garden, which aided in Pippin’s idea to create the beds for his project.

An Eagle Scout project is an opportunity for a boy scout to demonstrate leadership while completing a project that benefits the community. Pippin said there were many stages of the project, including a proposal before a board.

He said the whole process has been lengthy, but he’s excited for an opportunity to honor his family.

“Long. It was very long. … I wanted to do it because it’s a part of my great grandmother,” Pippin said.

Beth Pippin, Tripp’s mother, said her son has learned a tremendous amount from being a part of Boy Scouts. She said this project is a good way to teach leadership.

“This is how they learn how to do stuff. Get in there and just do it. He’s learned so much from boy scouts,” Pippin said.

Pippin also said while the project does involve a lot of hard work, she still wants her son and friends to have fun while doing it. They will have a camp out at a nearby farm after they transport the beds.

“It’s a little bit of fun with work,” Pippin laughed.