Nonprofit to raise funds, support gun safety

Published 7:04 pm Monday, July 31, 2017

A local nonprofit is mixing fundraising with gun safety this weekend.

Angels N Camo, an organization that aims to fulfill outdoor hunting and fishing adventures for Beaufort County children with life threatening diseases, is holding a concealed carry class at Bunyan Volunteer Fire Department in Washington.

Concealed carry is the practice of carrying a weapon in public in a concealed manner.

On Saturday, registered participants will take part in an eight-hour concealed carry class taught by Daryl Williams, instructor at Roanoke Chowan Concealed Carry and Personal Defense training. He said he works with closely with Lisa Adams, founder of Angels N Camo to make the fundraiser possible.

“She signs up everybody. She picks up the money. I give her a portion,” said Williams.

The class, according to Williams, covers three topics: gun safety, the conceal carry law and North Carolina law in the use of deadly force. He said the class involves both classroom setting and shooting.

If the participant passes the test, he will receive a certification to take to the sheriff’s office to apply for the permit.

Adams said a percentage of the funds goes towards her organization, which she will use to increase outdoor adventures. Some of these adventures include offshore and inshore fishing, turkey hunting and bear hunting. Adams said she’s done several different adventures since creating the organization in 2012.

She also said Williams has been an advocate for her organization for years.

“Daryl has always done our class. He is excellent. He has supported us since 2012,” Adams said.

Williams said he and Adams connected by mere happenstance. Adams took a class with Williams, and his curiosity towards the organization sparked.

“Fundraisers kind of started out by accident. I’m the type of person, I’m real curious about things. She had on an Angels N Camo shirt. During the break, I asked what it was. As soon as she started telling me what it was, I said, ‘I want to be a part of that,’” Williams said.

Williams, who has two children of his own, said he’s happy to give back in a way that can help children meet their dreams.

“They are near to dear to my heart because of kids. … Lisa pours her heart out. I love what they do. That’s why I got involved, them being the good people that they are,” Williams said.