Write Again … To Zach, with love

Published 5:46 pm Friday, August 4, 2017

In some ways, it just doesn’t seem possible. I remember so clearly when our first grandchild, Zachary (Zach) James Dimonekas, was born. May 18, 1999.

It seems like such a short time ago that we took his mother, Sarah, off to her freshman year at Peace College. That was in 1986.

And now he is on the cusp of entering college. Does tempus evermore fugit. Time is truly on the wing.

So. I took pen in hand to offer him a few words of wisdom. Well, I think it’s wisdom. Common sense, really.

For any other young people going off to college for the first time, perhaps they will find my words helpful. (Yes, I know. They won’t see this unless their parents bring it to their attention.)

Anyway, the following is what this grandpa wrote his grandson:

“July 26, 2017

Dear Z-Man,

So now you are about to begin a new, and exciting, phase of your life’s journey. Grandma and I are excited and happy for you.

If/when you affiliate with a fraternity, please understand that there will be times when you find yourself in situations that call for good judgment and caution, often when the winds of peer pressure are blowing you in the wrong direction.

Something there is among some college students who seem to feel that consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is a rite of passage, an act of independence and maturity. Not so. It’s the exact opposite. And, unfortunately, incidents, tragedies can and do occur that leave life-long scars.

So. Enough of the ‘heavy’ stuff. You are smart, and responsible. You ‘get it.’

We love you, but you know that.

Your mom and I are Pirates. You are soon to be a War Eagle. An Auburn Tiger.

Make memories. Good memories.