Eastern NC native ready to show off his home

Published 11:55 pm Sunday, August 6, 2017


Smith Andrews is a born-and-raised eastern North Carolina native.

Although he resides in Raleigh, his roots run closer to home. Some of his family lives in Bethel, and he grew up visiting Beaufort and surrounding counties.

“Washington is such a great town,” Andrews said. “I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and the water. I grew up boating, and I grew up visiting the Washington area and spent a lot of time in Beaufort County and Edgecombe and Pitt County.”

Andrews is now bringing his talents to Beaufort County, as the new director of business development at Beacon Street Realty, a part of Beacon Street Development Co. He will become a familiar face in Beaufort County, working at Moss Landing in Washington and Norfleet Point in Belhaven.

“Smith understands what it means to really serve people,” Beacon Street President Jim Wiley stated in a press release. “We are confident Smith embodies the heart of our company.”

As part of his job description, Andrews said he will be interacting with business leaders in the area, as well as those who are considering moving to Beaufort County.

“What I’ll be doing is interacting with the local community in Washington, in Belhaven, in Greenville and in surrounding areas. I’ll be a voice for Beacon Street and Moss Landing,” Andrews said. “My role will be to share the vision of Beacon Street and Moss Landing with the community.”

Andrews serves on the boards of the Raleigh Rescue Mission and men’s ministry, Finding Purpose, according to the release. He and wife Julianne have two children, Smith Jr. and Kathryn Grace.

Andrews said he will be back and forth from Beaufort County to Raleigh often in his new role. He said he is looking forward to being a part of development in eastern North Carolina.

“The opportunity to do that in an area I love in eastern North Carolina and to be able to show people who may not have been there before what a gem towns like Washington and Belhaven are, that’s exciting to me,” he said.