Former WHS educator publishes 2nd mystery novel

Published 7:39 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From Spanish teacher to school administrator, from poetry writer to author of two mystery novels, Ron Hignite is still putting words to paper.

Hignite recently released “Looking in the Devil’s Eyes,” the second installment in the Detective Jack Revelle mystery series.

“Looking in the Devil’s Eyes” is based on a real-life of crime of a man who robbed a store while wearing a devil’s mask. Hignite extrapolated on the idea, as his characters — two guys and a girl who take to robbing stores after being laid off from their jobs — don devil’s masks to inspire fear in their victims.

HIgnite’s writing days go way back — back to his days as a Spanish teacher at Washington High School in the 1970s, when he and then-English teacher Jim Ferrell shared a passion for poetry.

“When I was in college, years ago, I really had an interest in Keats, John Keats, and Byron and Shelley. Those poets actually influenced me a lot,” Hignite said. “It was that kind of thing that acutally drew my interest (in writing), not knowing that years down the road, I’d write over 200 poems.”

Hignite did not limits his poetic topics, however. He branched out into a children’s book of poetry, “Animal Alphabet,” with illustrations done by his artist wife, as well as “Reflections of the Soul,” which puts the miracles of Jesus in poetic form. His decision to tackle a novel came from an urge to challenge himself.

“I began to think about, at that point, I hadn’t written anything long. I hadn’t written fiction,” Hignite said. “I think it was the idea of broadening — it’s probably more about me thinking of a broadening of my writing ventures. I thought, ‘Why not take on the challenge?’”

The challenge led to “The Devil’s Damsel,” followed by “Looking in the Devil’s Eyes,” both of which tackle themes such as fair play, love of family, strength through faith in God and the search for life’s meaning, according to a press release. Hignite said he’ll be adding to the series with a third novel in 2018.

“Looking in the Devil’s Eyes” is available online at or by calling the publisher, A-Argus Book Publishers, at 336-993-2497. His other books can be found at his website,