Rotary supporting family health days in Uganda

Published 7:08 pm Friday, September 1, 2017

Last year, a health care summit in Uganda uncovered a strong need for improved national prenatal diagnostic capabilities. Funded by a Rotary district grant, research in rural communities showed a need for education and better nutrition for expectant mothers.

So the Rotary Club of Kiwatule, Uganda, joined the clubs of District 5500 in Arizona to fund a team of 23 trained nurses, midwives and other health care practitioners. Their purpose was to assist in education of mothers and to use ultrasound scanning devices to help diagnose abnormalities in pregnancies and other life-threatening conditions. The success of this program in Kiwatule has led 10 other Rotary clubs in Uganda to adopt similar rural health care centers to pursue positive results for their own communities. One more way Rotarians are doing good in their communities around the world.