Adult Coloring Workshops to be held at the Tyrrell County Public Library

Published 10:42 pm Wednesday, September 6, 2017

From Tyrrell County Public Library
Adult coloring has become a popular activity among many adults lately. Whether you want to de-stress, reduce anxiety, spark creativity, step back to childhood times or just have some fun, coloring can create an instant gratification that gives us
a sense of positivity, which elicits happy feelings.
It can be treated as a quiet activity, or used in social settings. In addition, it’s an activity that can be taken everywhere because it is portable and can be accomplished without investing a lot of money.
The library has been offering an Adult Coloring Workshop once a month for the past year to anyone that was interested in learning some basic skills using colored pencils. The participants have been introduced to various methods in shading, greyscale, monochromatic color schemes, as well as a few other techniques.
These workshops are an instructional session with a designated project done as a group the last Thursday of each month.
The next scheduled workshops are Aug. 31 and Sept. 28 from 6-8 p.m. in the evening.
Due to the nature of this program, advance sign-up will be required by noon of the Thursday evening scheduled classes. The Adult Coloring Workshop has been popular among the attendees.
Due to this popularity, the library will be offering an afternoon adult coloring workshop, but the format will be different. These workshops will take place from 3-5 p.m. on the second Monday of each month beginning Sept. 11. These sessions will be informal where conversation and sharing ideas will be encouraged among the participants. Coloring sheets, along with a few projects will be provided for all attendees to pick from during each session. (These will not be instructional classes.) Or, if anyone would rather bring in a project that they are currently working on, they can also bring that in to complete. The only thing that the participants will need to bring with them will be the coloring medium they plan on using: colored pencils, gel pens, marking pens, etc.
If anyone needs any information, or is interested in attending, please contact the library at 252-796-3771. These workshops will be free to the public.
This would be a great time to come out and get re-acquainted with everything the library has to offer for the community.