Tyrrell tax collector gives report

Published 10:16 pm Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Tyrrell County tax collector received $43,441 in July, Sylvia Brickhouse, tax administrator, reported to the county commissioners Aug. 15.
$15,228 was paid on the 2017 real property levy, $2,138 on the 2017 solid waste fee, and $350 on the LCID fee for access to the Smith Lane rubble field. Other payments were on earlier years, all of which are delinquent.
At month’s end $3.63 million was owed the county on the 2017 levy, $177,320 for 2016, $107,250 for 2015, $50,629 for 2014, and lesser amounts for years back to 2001, for a total outstanding debt of $4,149,519.
The 2018 property tax bills were mailed in early August. The 83 cents per $100 valuation the county commissioners imposed followed a substantial decline in land values as a result of the required recent official revaluation. Those bills will
begin accruing interest after Jan. 5, 2018.