Prison director addresses drug use in lockup facilites

Published 7:21 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Adult Correction Prison is working to develop strategies on the use of contraband in our facilities. Most recently at Tyrrell Prison Work Farm, we have encountered six inmates who have used a substance, which caused adverse effects.
The inmates were evaluated at the facility by DPS medical personnel and needed outside medical care.
After any incident at a state prison facility, procedures are evaluated. Such has been the case at Tyrrell Prison Work Farm, and staff is utilizing strategies for addressing the issue of any contraband brought into the facility.
Contraband being brought into prisons is a nationwide issue that is a major concern impacting the safety of staff and inmates. The department is constantly working on ways to combat contraband, which is part of keeping order in the prisons for the safety of staff, inmates and ultimately the public. DPS has created, “Not on My Watch,” a social media campaign to show how we are trying to bring attention to the issue, as well as educate and inspire staff to be diligent in its efforts.
Our Tyrrell staff has been involved with the following:
  • Discussion of K2 and other contraband in all meetings with staff and at lineup.
  • A video produced by DPS about the dangers of K2. This video is also shown at all inmate orientations when they enter prison.
  • A K2 synthetic marijuana flyer has been included in inmate orientation and placed throughout the facility where staff and inmates can easily see it. It is reviewed with the inmate by case managers during case management.
  • Ongoing staff education regarding a zero tolerance for the introduction of drugs into the facility.
  • Positive working relationships with local law enforcement.
  • Prosecution of all parties associated with the introduction of contraband into the facility.
  • Increased searches of inmates and the facility by staff.
  • Continued searches of mail and packages.
  • Random/for cause drug tests conducted on inmates.
  • Final plans are being put into place to enhance security with a new entrance/exit policy. Everyone who enters a facility, which includes staff, will be subjected to a pat-frisk search in addition to the current search technique.