Church ministry group teaches the light of Jesus

Published 5:40 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017

BLOUNTS CREEK — Children in Blounts Creek are shining the light of Jesus this fall.

The Light Factory, a children’s ministry at Smyrna Original Free Will Baptist Church in Blounts Creek, is teaching children ages preschool to eighth grade about Jesus in an effort to share God’s light in the community.

“One of the best ways you can spread a good word is to be a light. And you know Jesus tells us to be a light. It’s being a light to Jesus and shining his light to others,” said Carol West Boyd, director of the ministry.

The ministry is on Sundays and begins after the praise and worship portion of the church’s normal Sunday service, according to Boyd. The children will then go into the “light factory” where they will have their own worship and praise time, followed by an age-oriented Bible story in the form of skits, a puppet shows and more. Afterwards, the children break up into age-appropriate groups and continue activities using an “ORANGE” curriculum that covers a wide range of information, Boyd said.

“We’ve covered a variety of topics. From creation and Genesis to all different types of topics,” Boyd said.

Boyd said it’s a way to teach children about the Bible, but also aims to strengthen the foundation between children and their parents by getting the parents involved, as well. Boyd said she’s enjoyed watching the children grow in their own faith and spread God’s love to the community.

“They are just growing in a knowledge of God and his love for us and being able to be comfortable talking about it to others. You know, not just at home, but also when they’re at school or in public settings — just to see them blossom in gaining that confidence has been a blessing,” Boyd said.

Boyd said the church knew it wanted to create a ministry to reach out to children, because by reaching out to the children, it can spread love into their families and beyond. When her pastor gave her the OK to create a children’s ministry, the idea continued to grow. She has been the director of the ministry for about a year, and while it was a new concept, she said both the children and church have latched onto it. She said she’s learned quite a bit since the start, and she’s looking forward to growing the ministry in the future, as well.

“It’s been a work of love, definitely,” Boyd said.