Deed transfers: Sept. 16-29, 2017

Published 5:36 pm Sunday, October 8, 2017

The following land transactions occurred in Beaufort County the period of Sept. 16-29, 2017.


Sept. 18

Theodore Owen Rhodes Jr. to Bradley Dana Makepeace, Long Acre Township, 0.79 acres, lot 2, Broadwood

Robert Mitchell Blake to Kylie P. Dotson-Blake, Chocowinity, 3 tracts, tract 1, 0.459 acres, tract 2, 1.709 acres, tract 3, parcel 1, 0.028 acres, Sidney Creek Landing

Perry T. Greene Jr. to Danny Russell Edwards, lots 1-2, Pinecrest East

Barbara P. Glatthorn to Jody Rodgers Mizell, Washington Township, lot 26, Tranter’s Run

John F. Hilimire to Clyde E. Murray Jr., Chocowinity Township, Fair Oaks, lot 4, Cypress Landing

Julian R. Vainright to James Bernard Enzor, lot 20A, Kilby Island

G.F. Rice Construction Inc. to Colman Grover Boyd, Washington, lot 1, Cranberry Corner


Sept. 19

William Ralph Grimes to Jeremy Hughes, Chocowinity Township, lot 11, Randolph Cratch

Robert Parker Pulliam Jr. to Larry Dale Tilson, Richland Township, 2 parcels, parcel A, 10.55 acres, parcel B, 0.85 acres


Sept. 20

Leonard Dean Sawyer to Daniel Bertke, Belhaven, Bay Street

James Franklin Klapp to Kenneth Wayne Waters, Long Acre Township, state roads 1527 and 1528, 1.58 acres

Nellie Allen Sawyer to John Wayne Sawyer, Pantego Township, SR 1630 and N.C. Highway 99

D&F Bradley Family LLC to Cotton Patch Holding LLC, Cotton Patch Landing Road and Cratch Avenue and Blounts Creek, 58.21 acres
Sept. 21

Julia E. Torres to Pattisue Torres, Washington, Willow Street, lot 11, block 9, Wanoca

Sergio Torres to John A. Simpson, Washington, Willow Street, lot 11, block 9, Wanoca

G.F. Rice Construction Inc. to John Louis Cerny, Washington, lot 4, Cranberry Corner

Nicholas Sanders to Hackney Distillery LLC, Washington, Main and Respass streets, Respass Town

Melvin A. Manning Jr. to Zachary T. Manning, Pantego Township, 2 parcels, parcel 1, tract 1, parcel 2, tract 2, 18.42 acres

Patrick Chigavazira to Randall Goolsby, Washington, lot 1, block R, Smallwood

Patrick Tetterton Construction Co. Inc. to Janet Dodge, Bath Township, tracts A and B

Donald R. Ireland to Patrick Tetterton Construction Co. Inc., Chocowinity Township, lot B, Long Beach Landing

Barbara Herring to Jerry Wayne Elks, Long Acre Township, lot 5, block G, Pamlico Village

Linwood Harold Harrington to Robby Dale Cuthrell, Bath Township, 2 tracts, SR 1339, Creek Road and Marion Lane, tract 1, tract A, 25.582 acres, tract 2, tract B, 28.219 acres


Sept. 22

Faithe Simpson to Jesse James Parker, Washington Township, SR 1511, Mill Road, 0.85 acres

Samuel L. Fyle Jr. to Samuel L. Fyle Jr., Bath Township, U.S. Highway 264 and Pungo Swamp and Rodman’s Quarter roads, 2 acres

William A. Hardy III to Kenneth A. Holland Sr., Chocowinity Township, 0.89 acres, lot 1


Sept. 25

Matthew C. Scrase to M&M Rental Properties LLC, Belhaven, 0.49 acres, lot B

Charles C. Daw Sr. to Vernon V. Daw Jr., Pantego Township, 2.8 acres

Vernon V. Daw Jr. to Charles Clifton Daw Sr., Pantego Township

Walter B. Gerard IV to Kimberly Waltower, Washington, Simmons and Willow streets, 0.39 acres

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Jose Gallegos, lots 9 and 10


Sept. 26

Timothy W. Winstead to Christine F. Winstead, Washington Park, Small Street, 0.417 acres

Robert G. Graham to Nannie G. Willis, Chocowinity Township, SR 1131 and U.S. Highway 17, 0.94 acres

John Kevin Godfrey to Bear Ridge Properties LLC, Bath Township, 2 tracts, Flynn Avenue, tract 1, lot 1A, Jordan’s Creek, 17.48 acres, tract 2, lot 1A, 5.5 acres

Mickie G. Nelson to William Anthony Midyette, Long Acre Township, SR 1530, 5.15 acres

Andrew Dawley to Nell Glasgow Moseley, Washington Township, Shad Bend Circle, lot 57, Shad Bend


Sept. 27

Marie T. Tomasulo to Riverside Holdings LLC, Washington, Main and Respess streets, 0.085 acres

North Creek Landing Homeowners Association Inc. to Randy Troy Riddle, Bath Township, N.C. Highway 92 and North Creek, lot 19, North Creek Landing

Ann C. Latham to Phyllis Credle Brimmage, 2 tracts, tract 1, Belhaven, tract 2, Pantego Township, Pamlico Street

Brett Allen Perry to Brett A. Perry, Long Acre Township, U.S. Highway 264, lot 7, Pine Acres


Sept. 28

Marvin B. Alligood Jr. to Charles G. Spears, Washington, lot 18, block A, Smallwood

Patricia L. Key to Thomas E. Key, Chocowinity Township, U.S. Highway 17

Luke Jackson IV to Luke Jackson IV, Washington Township, lot 6, block B, Iron Creek

Gail M. Christopherson to Darius Guillaume Smith, Washington Township, Wedgewood Drive and Williamsburg Road, 0.66 acres, lot 115, Tranter’s Creek Estates

Stephen A. Graves to William H. Page Jr., Washington, East 12th Street, lot 88, Bragaw-Blount

Cherryl Boyette Sullivan to Curtis Aaron Kennedy, Bath Township, Smith Creek, 5 acres

David Barbe to Bobby Joe Brinn, Long Acre Township, 3.14 acres, lot A-1

Peggy J. McLawhorn to Raymond Alexander, Pantego Township, 2 parcels, SR 1712, parcel 1, Matchapungo Shores


Sept. 29

Jacqueline B. Hubbard to Susan K. Schaefer Living Trust, Washington, lot 3, block D, Willows

Phyllis W. Hewitt to Merari Chavez Contreras, Long Acre Township, Chambers Road and SR 1528, Boyd Road, lots 6 and 7

Elizabeth J. Litchfield to Forest H. Williams, Aurora, Fifth and Bonner streets

Ellis B. Sawyer Jr. to Addled Dad LLC, Washington, 2 tracts, Main and Respess streets, Respess Town

Kevin D. King to Perry T. Greene Jr., Bath Township, SR 1736, lots 2-3

Jenny P. Maraghy to Henry Braxton Britt, Bath Township, lots 8 and 9, block A, Springdale Village

Daniel Steven Whitehurst to Patricia Farrar Waters, lot 26, block D, Iron Creek

Mary Ragar Waters to Dianne Stewart Bailey, Belhaven, Croatan Street

Jeffrey Scott Cook to Arie Dehoog, Bath Township, lot 2, Cedar Mill Landing

Jack V. Gwaltney to Jordan L. Gruber, Bath Township, lot 14, Stillwater

Irwin B. McGee to Kenneth V. Holmes, Bath Township, 0.8 acres, SR 1737, lot 2

Anthony Shane Elder to Matthew Gotz, Richland Township, 1.31 acres

Evergreen Horizons LLC to John K. Walters, lot 5, block A, Cypress Shores on the Pamlico

Ethel B. Murrell to Rosalind E. Bailey, Washington, Washington and 13th streets, lot 3