Washington (noon) Rotary provides funding for community organizations

Published 3:16 pm Friday, October 13, 2017

Washington (noon) Rotary has again provided funding to two community organizations that have produced measurable economic impact, each within their own area of focus.

Rotary club member Roland Wyman delivered the good news to Debra Torrence recently at the Turnage Theatre in downtown Washington. Torrence is executive director of Arts of the Pamlico which operates the Turnage Theatre.

“We’re delighted that groups such as Rotary help us bring quality entertainment and arts programs, which in turn brings more people to our downtown area to shop and dine,” Torrence said.

QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT: Washington (noon) Rotary club member Roland Wyman met with Arts of the Pamlico Executive Director Debra Torrence to present a check to support AOP. (Washington noon Rotary)

Wyman also met with Chris Furlough, president of Washington Harbor District Alliance at their new Harbor District Market building on West Main Street. When informed of noon Rotary’s latest contribution, Chris Furlough remarked, “This truly demonstrates that the key community organizations here in Washington are committed to improving our local economy which then results in improving all our lives.”

A member of AOP and WHDA, Wyman said he was honored to be tasked with delivering the news, along with the funds, to Torrence and Furlough on behalf of Washington (noon) Rotary.

Washington (noon) Rotary consists of volunteers within Beaufort County dedicating their efforts to charitable causes both locally and those to which its parent organization subscribes.

Each year, this local group has raised and disbursed funds to local non-profits through creative fundraising activities. More information can be found at washingtonnoonrotary.org/ and