BCCC leader talks workforce development

Published 2:09 am Monday, October 23, 2017

From the Business and Industry Innovation Council

Dr. Dave Loope, president of Beaufort County Community College, was welcomed as the guest speaker at the October BIIC meeting.

BCCC and workforce development were topics for the meeting.

Wikipedia defines workforce development as an American economic-development approach that attempts to enhance a region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than businesses.

In Beaufort County, workforce development focuses on the people of Beaufort County and the specific skills that are required by local employers. In economic development, the quality of the workforce is a critical factor in recruiting business and industry. For existing business, it is important that job applicants are available to fill the higher skill jobs that are needed more and more by business and industry. Preparing people for entrance into the workforce is also a priority.

BCCC is the engine that drives workforce development.

The quality and capabilities of a community college are keys to fulfilling present and future workforce development needs. BCCC is an exceptional community college. As a county, we need to do everything to protect, maintain and enhance this valuable asset.

One specific goal for BCCC, “Support new and existing partnerships with business and industry, colleges and universities, school districts and economic development agencies to enhance careers and lives,” states the broad-base approach to workforce development. It’s important that workforce development be a team effort with all applicable parties included and involved.

BCCC provides lifelong learning opportunities for residents of their service area, which includes Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties. With careers not always being life long, this has become very important to many individuals.

Workforce development is also a means of moving an individual from a lesser job to a better job.

This reduces dependence on public social programs and helps families to become self-sufficient.

Workforce development is important in many ways. It is important to the individual, local community and the economy. It’s not only a key to present prosperity, but also the future prosperity of Beaufort County. It’s important that our community college always be strong and forward thinking.