Local films gain laurels with film festival selection

Published 7:44 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2017

They’re eerie and strange; dark and mysterious, these short films turn Beaufort County landscapes, and residents, into the stuff of nightmares.

It’s the work of Haunted Pamlico, a group of likeminded people who love Halloween — and love it all year long.

Among fans of the haunted holiday, such as the Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, the Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest in Wilmington and the Fake Flesh Film Festival in Canada, three of Haunted Pamlico’s films have found a home: they’ve been selected to appear in the upcoming festivals.

“We’re pleased that our films are finding a wider audience, but we couldn’t be successful without local support,” said S. Kruger, co-founder of Haunted Pamlico. “Our contributors include some of the most talented people I know, including editor Justin Casey, screenwriter Roman Leary, and many amazing actors and crew members.”

“Trail,” a newer take on “found footage” that was shot, edited, written and directed by Justin Casey stars his wife, Kristen Casey. “The Devil Drives” was written and directed by Roman Leary and was shot and edited by Casey. The film stars Gary Woolard, Savannah d’Oelsnitz Ward and Joana Leary, and premiered Jan. 13 at the Turnage Theatre in Washington, a screening that was followed by the classic horror film “The Shining.”

The zombie-based “Suppertime” was written and directed by Kruger and shot and edited by Casey. Assistant directors were Mandie Boahn and Will Boahn. The film was shot at the Boahns’ Raised in a Barn Farm in Chocowinity and was made in cooperation with North Creek Productions, according to a press release from Haunted Pamlico. “Suppertime” stars Hunter Summers and Eric Styons, and includes 15 extras and seven crew members.

“Suppertime” was selected by all three festivals, while “Trail” was accepted into the Annual Halloween Horror Film Fest and “The Devil Drives,” into the Fake Flesh Film Festival.

Fake Flesh is a particular coup for Haunted Pamlico, according to the group’s Facebook page.

“The festival receives more than 1,500 international submissions each year, and we’re honored that our films made the cut. This is the third time that Haunted Pamlico films have been selected by festivals in 2017. And more films are in the works,” the webpage reads.

All three films can be viewed for free on Haunted Pamlico’s Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook pages.