Aurora student honored for anti-bullying stance

Published 7:43 pm Monday, November 13, 2017

AURORA — For Jamauel Moore, the organization Rachel’s Challenge addresses issues that are all too familiar.

Rachel’s Challenge was founded in memory of Rachel Scott, who died in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. The organization makes it a mission to spread kindness and promote anti-bullying — two concepts in which Rachel firmly believed.

“It really touched my heart because I’ve seen kids around me being bullied,” Moore said. “I’ve been bullied myself. … It’s not really a good feeling.”

Moore, a seventh-grader at S.W. Snowden Elementary School, was featured in a Rachel’s Challenge video interview when the organization visited the school, and the video caught the attention of Darrell Scott, Rachel’s father, and others. The video spotlight earned him a ticket to the Rachel’s Challenge fundraising gala in Denver, Colorado.

“He was picked out of thousands of videos,” school counselor Wayne Parsons said. “It was a moving assembly, and I think it made great impacts. It really kind of gave perspective to the kids.”

Moore traveled to Denver with his mother and Principal Debra Windley, and he received a plaque of appreciation from Rachel’s Challenge. He said it was a short trip, but they were able to see some sights while driving.

Parsons said he didn’t have any experience with Rachel’s Challenge before team members visited S.W. Snowden. He said he thinks the students gained a lot from hearing Rachel’s story and listening to ways they could pay her kindness forward.

“It does stir emotions, big time,” Parsons said. “I was very impressed and thankful that we were able to experience it.”

Moore intends to continue standing up against bullying. He said he wants to encourage others to speak out against it, as well.

When asked what he would say to someone being bullied, Moore gave this advice: “I’d you’re getting bullied, go tell the teacher, and if that doesn’t help, go to your parent or guardian.”

There’s no doubt — much like Rachel Scott — Moore possesses wisdom beyond his years.