Northside’s film students look to the future

Published 6:34 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017

PINETOWN — Northside High School’s film/production students continue to see success.

Screen Voyage Motion Pictures — formerly known as Big Turtle Productions — is knee-deep in promoting its latest film, “School Night.” The movie chronicles a group of students who initiate a ghost-hunting expedition at their school, under the premise that “every small town has its legend.”

The main cast includes: Dylan King, Berly Soto, Jordan Stevens and Chase Jefferson. Northside senior Henry Nimons and teacher Jennifer Woolard wrote and directed the film.

Screen Voyage also enlisted the help of Amber Dawn Fox, an actress best known for her role as Officer Bello in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Fox is another cast member, and she first visited the school in December 2015 to sign autographs and give some guidance on the film’s production.

Fast-forward two years, and Northside High’s production team is coming off of an Oct. 28 screening of “School Night.” It is now going through the process of licensing the film for distribution, according to Woolard.

She said the movie cast is planning to appear at Comic-Con events in Greenville and Raleigh, as well.

Screen Voyage Motion Pictures won’t stop there, however.

Woolard said the group has expanded to include a special effects department and has begun work on a sequel for “School Night.”

“We have expanded our range of technology, which includes 76 feet of green screen for action shots, and our cinematography is now shot in 4K resolution,” she said. “The feature film ‘School Night’ is a collaboration with professionals in the music, production and entertainment industry.”

The sky is the limit for these talented students, and Woolard has high hopes for the team’s latest voyage with a “School Night” sequel.