Bath Elementary School class of inventors

Published 8:02 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

INVENTED: Students at Bath Elementary School have been busy in Virginia Keech’s 4th Grade AIG class studying and creating inventions. Each student researched an inventor and designed a Google Slides presentation on his inventor. They then had to create their own inventions and bring them to class to demonstrate. The students created a variety of new items. Their inventions either had to be unique or it had to be an improvement on something already invented. Some of the items invented included: a motorized remote control shopping cart, a Lego color changer, a remote control harvester, a dog handy carrier, an automatic hair brusher and various other creative ideas. They had to build a prototype to represent what they wanted to invent. Some actually built working prototypes, while some made a homemade sample of what it would look like. During the course of this unit, the students learned about patents, trademarks, and some marketing skills were discussed. The presentations they had to do stressed using correct public speaking skills. The students enjoyed sharing their inventions with other students. (Bath Elementary School)