Columbia land for sale

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Columbia Board of Aldermen on November 6 authorized the sale of a 1,310-square-foot strip of land at 103 South Water Street to GSM Properties LLC for $2,000.

The aldermen’s resolution states that the buyer is to be responsible for all costs of legal services, document preparation and filings associated with the sale.

The resolution declares that the strip “measures 14.59 feet wide and 89.79 feet long and borders property on the south owned by GSM Properties LLC.” (The GSM property is occupied by Stiletto Boat Works.)

The aldermen also “determined that this property is of no present or future values to the town.”

As Mayor Michael Griffin pointed out in October, the sale “straightens out the town’s back line.”

The taxable value of the strip, to be determined, will be added to GSM Properties’¬†future¬†town and county tax bills.