NERSBA Veterinary Science Team

Published 7:58 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The NERSBA Veterinary Science Team Consisting of Dylan Jackson, Sarah Wilson, Kindsey Small and Caleigh Mason competed at their State Competition on November 11 in Sanford. The team placed 13th in the state out of 50 competing. Kinsdey Small and Sarah Wilson placed in the Top 30 individuals in the event

Team members had to identify and know the uses of over 130 pieces of veterinary equipment. They also had to learn the life cycles and how to identify 37 different parasites and they had to be able to recognize 195 different breeds of livestock and small animals. Participants also had to perform practical duties any vet tech might have to do, like drawing blood, preparing microscope slides for parasitology, and prepping animals for surgery. They even had to become adept at restraining animals.