Write Again . . . Don’t stop writing

Published 11:11 am Saturday, December 9, 2017


It really pleases me that the good folks at the Daily News are providing my very special friend Harold Robinson the opportunity to share with us his memories of yesteryear.

With my own propensity for waxing nostalgic (a cliche, but it fits) I can easily relate to Harold’s looking back to the joys of a happy youth. He does it with a sense of appreciation. I get it, and quite probably many of you, friends, do too.

Also, I really appreciate Polk Culpepper’s perspective. Obviously, he is a learned man, one who does his research, and presents a viewpoint in an objective manner. Also, he doesn’t resort to labels and character insults as do some on the political right (from the courthouse to the White House). He is a gentleman.

There is enough sadness, tragedy, negativity, in these times without any of us — you or me —adding to that wood pile.

Each of us has a story. A cache of memories, that in many ways defines us. A “past is never past” perspective.

Camus put it best: “We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

Having Harold and Polk add to the pages of the Daily News is a good thing. Gil Alligood recently wrote a wonderful piece about his family and their military service to our country. Good stuff.

We can join the “us vs them” mentality herd, or we can approach life in a “we’re all in it altogether” mode. The choice is ours.

Respond to the dark angels that lurk in our character, or heed the tugging at our consciences of the brighter angels. The good ones. The choice really is up to each of us.

While Harold’s and Polk’s writing are dissimilar in intent and content, they both present their perspectives in a positive fashion. And they do it well.

I look forward to future contributions from both of them.

And maybe, just maybe, there are even some who look forward to my weekly scribblings.

Do you think?

APROPOS — “If a writer makes you think, he’s done his job.”

— Landen Marshall