Write Again … Shalom, my friends

Published 4:15 pm Monday, January 1, 2018

Well, now. Here we are, friends, about to cross the finish line of yet another year.

This is that time when some folks make New Year’s resolutions. That can be a good thing. The key is follow-through, of course.

Me, I seem to reflect more upon the year just lived than focusing upon the one to come. I’m probably too much of a rearview mirror person, I admit.

If I had to use just one word to explain, describe my feelings, it would be “grateful.”

What word, or words might you use to express your feelings about this year we have lived in, lived (almost) through? I suspect many of you just might have sentiments similar to mine.

Oh, yes, there has been sadness, sickness, disappointment and all the usual things that make up this ineffable gift we call life.

There has been much good, too, that most of us have experienced. And, of course, for that we are grateful.

Looking ahead, what might we wish for, hope for, pray for, in the coming year?

Nothing could be more important, more yearned for, than peace. Peace all over this weary world. We know the probability of this coming to pass, do we not?

I would so like to see religious tolerance, within and among religions. All religions of this world. And I would really, really wish that religion wasn’t used in political discourse in narrow, self-serving ways. Wrapping oneself in a particular religious viewpoint to seek political gain is reprehensible. Especially here in the South we see some who play the “religious card.” Theocracy or democracy? You just can’t have it both ways.

You and I, friends, could come up with a long list of things we might wish for in the new year. We’d probably agree on most of them.

We would all wish for good health for our families. That life would treat them fairly.

All of this we would wish for our friends, as well. Friends are so important.

Enough of my rambling. (Too much?)

I’ll not close by wishing you a Happy New Year. We make our own happiness, so achieving that state is mostly up to us.

I do wish you well. You and all those you hold dear.

May we begin this journey into a new year with hope … and with gratitude.