Adult Care Home Community

Published 10:48 am Thursday, January 4, 2018


The Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners recently reappointed the five members of the Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee to another one-year term.

Joan Batson, Faye Boyd, James Cahoon, Linda Holton, and Edwina La Bonte were originally appointed when the committee was created in December 2016.

Committee members are advocates for long term care residents at Tyrrell House and similar facilities within the county.

They receive training and technical assistance from Brandi Jordan, MSW, regional long-term care ombudsman for the Area Agency on Aging within the Albemarle Commission in Hertford.

The committee (1) serves as the nucleus for increased community involvement with adult care homes and their residents, (2) promotes community education and awareness of the needs of aging and disabled persons who reside in adult care homes, (3) develops and recruits volunteer resources to enhance the quality of life for adult care home residents, (4) establishs linkages with the adult care home administrators and the county department of social services for the purpose of maintaining the intent of the Adult Care Home Residents’ Bill of Rights, (5)apprises itself of the general conditions under which the persons are residing in the homes, and shall work for the best interests of the persons in the homes.