Clegg explains Tyrrell sewer policy development

Published 9:54 am Tuesday, January 9, 2018

For some time, the focus of attention to sewer has been to complete the system; insure connection by those landowners with septic systems near surface waters; and then encourage connection by the balance of the pre-construction commitments. The monthly availability charge for those installed pre-construction commitments is now in effect.

It is now the appropriate time to begin to address the procedure the County will follow to allow connections from post-construction users. Because of the design of the Tyrrell system, connection is more involved than a tap in the right of way as would be present with a gravity sewer. In Tyrrell, the entire installation needs to meet design and operational standards for the integrity of the tank system.

The Wooten Company is assisting us to prepare an installation plan for new customers. This plan will contain all of the schematics and specifications that the County requires for connection. The plan, and a draft policy that an owner would construct the system to County specifications, crush any old tank and then transfer the new equipment with an easement to the County is being fully considered as the draft document is completed. The County would accept the upkeep of any approved and dedicated system just as it does for all of the original system components. A proposed policy will be presented to the Board of Commissioners in the coming months.

The $25,000 sum for connection that was discussed [and reported earlier] was an estimate that would have taken into account all direct and indirect costs associated with an installation by County agents.

It is certainly our goal to develop construction specifications and then set connection fees and rates to be as affordable as possible given that the utility system must operate as an enterprise fund.