Tyrrell to get $1 million disaster recovery grant

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tyrrell County has received notice of the conditional award of $1 million in disaster recovery grant funds, County Manager David Clegg reported recently to the board of commissioners.

$450,000 is earmarked for rehabilitation of single-family residential structures, and another $300,000 for single-family residential reconstruction.

The U.S. Congress appropriated it “for housing, restoration of infrastructure, and long-term recovery in the most impacted and distressed areas due to Hurricane Matthew in October 2016,” wrote Michael Sprayberry, state Emergency Management director. The federal money is being distributed in North Carolina through the Division of Emergency Management.

The grant is to be administered over the next three years, monitored all the while by Emergency Management.

The Tyrrell program falls under the national objective of Low-Moderate Income Persons and Urgent Needs, one of three objectives specified in the federal legislation.

Other budgeted activities include $30,000 for mobile home repair, $120,000 for mobile home replacement, $20,000 for temporary rental assistance, $20,000 for housing reimbursement, $10,000 for flood insurance assistance, and $50,000 for program administration.

Clegg said the money can be used inside Columbia as well as in rural areas of the county.