Tyrrell commissioners to schedule community meeting in Alligator

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners on January 16 agreed to residents’ requests for a community meeting in Alligator to seek solutions to flooding there.

Samantha Combs told commissioners that “flooding is terrible” in Alligator township, and she asked for a meeting with the board.

Jerry Campbell confirmed that “conditions are bad,” giving rise to greater mosquito infestation in warm weather. He suggested a resumption of pumping drainage canals, which was discontinued years ago.

Commissioner Tommy Everett, who has deep family roots in Alligator, reminded that a $3 million sewage collection network is being installed in Goat Neck section now, “which we see as a catalyst” for other improvements in the northeastern part of the county.

(A grant application is pending that would extend the forthcoming sewer system along the eastern half of Old U.S. 64 Road and Newfoundland Road.)

Everett cautioned that the county government ought not operate draining canal pumps, but it could be instrumental in organizing a drainage district to serve the affected area.

The commissioners agreed to hold a meeting somewhere in Alligator township and advertise it beforehand to insure all residents are aware.  No date was set for the meeting.