Deed transfers: Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2018

Published 11:57 am Monday, February 12, 2018


The following land transactions occurred in Beaufort County the period of Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2018.


Jan. 29

Citifinancial Servicing to Eric Hernandez, .88 acre, Cherry Run Road.

Melvin E. Boyd Sr. to Rosa Northern, Washington, land on Respess St.

Fannie Mae to William D. Currie Jr., Washington Township, no details.

Linda C. Madison to Julian Harold Beasley Jr., Chocowinity Township, two lots. .7 acre and .21 acre.

State Employees Credit Union to Secu*re Inc., Washington, .48 acre on State Road 1601.


Jan. 30

Georgia H. Brown (trustee) to Irene Brienza, Chocowinity Township, 8 acres at Pamlico River and State Road 1118.

Robert L. Gold to Robert Edward Ensley, Chocowinity Township, lot 1, Cypress Landing.

Fred A. Remyn to Robert L. Gold, Chocowinity Township, lot 427 Cypress Landing.

Ralph Kelly to Craig R. DeHoog, Bath Township, lot 76, Smuggler Cove.

Smithtown Properties to Valla Phelps, Pantego Township, 13.46 acres on Seed Tick Neck Road.

Jean Mink to James Martin Webb, Bath Township, lot 5, Village of Bath.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Riverside Builders, Washington, lots 6 and 7, West 14h and West 15th streets.

Kayla C. Woolard to Kasey F. Clayton, Bath Township, 6.67 acres on N.C. Highway 99.

Carolina Rows to Kayla C. Woolard, Bath Township, 2.53 acres on N.C. Highway 99.

Kelly Reinsith-Jones to Bryan Alan Oesterreich, Washington, .17 acre.

Charlie M. Dixon Jr. to Charlie M. Dixon Jr. (trustee), 6 acres on State Road 1130.

Patricia A. Libengood to Heather R. Rodriguez, Chocowinity Township, lot 17, Deer Run Acres.

Bobby B. Rowe to Kimberly R. Franklin, Richland Township, 1.9 acres.

Paul F.  Harding to Paul F. Harding, Long Acre Township. .61 acre at Lane Drive and N.C. Highway 32.


Jan. 31

Chocowinity Fire District Volunteer Fire Department to Carol Jones Elks, Chocowinity Township, .335 acre.

Gloria W. Ormond to Premium Carriers, Bath Township, 5.75 acres at N.C. Highway 92 and State Road 1334.

Pierre L. Dansereau to Higinio Juarez Vasquexz, Washington Township, lot 2 along U.S. Highway 17.

Wayne Langston to Jesus Perez, no details.

Wayne Langston to Jesus Perez, Church Lane.

County of Beaufort to Charles E. Slade, Pantego Township, no details.

Floyd C. Asby to Dennis H. Smith, Washington Township, no details.

Dale Harris to Dale Harris Jr., Long Acre Township, lot 1 at State Road 1602 and Neighborhood Lane.

Denise K. Marx to Elizabeth A. Kane, Washington, .23 acre at Harvey and Second streets.


Feb. 1

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington Township, .5 acre on Stare Road 1414.

Charlie David Elks II to William Brandon Elks, Chocowinity Township, 1.79 arcres.

Jason Warren Whichard to Candice Baugham Whichard, Chocowinity Township, lot 48A, Beaufort Pointe.

Annie C. Jones to Mary Jones Hill, Aurora, lots 21 and 22.

Pamela Parker Cortlio to Annie Jones, Richland Township, 1.5 acres at South and Whitehurst creeks.

Charles D. Sopher to Earl W. Smith, Washington, one lot.

Dina Marie Nobles to Barbara Garrett Herring, Bath Township, multiple tracts (no details).


Feb. 2

Elizabeth Renee Toppin to  William Dexter Thompson, Washington Township, lot 66,  Laucour Farms.

Beverly Joyce Pitsenberger to Alan J. O’Kane, Long Acre Township, lot 14, Runyon Hills.

Helen H,. Daniel to Odis Leon Waters Jr., Washington Township, one lot (no details).

Jamie Reason to Phillip Ray Leggett, Washington Township, 1 acre (no details).

Rose C. Faucette to Joseph Walker Faucette, Chocowinity Township, land on Loop Road.

Danny R. Buck to Michele B. Laughinghouse, Chocowinity Township, land at Chandler Road and State Road 1132.

R&S Properties of Washington to Taylor Transport, lot 13 D, Pamlico Village.

Tina Porter Taylor to Shannon Maria Baker, Chocowinity Township, .75 acre on Gray Road.