Sgt. Allen reports December and January activities to Columbia aldermen

Published 1:18 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tyrrell County Sheriff’s Office responded to 619 law enforcement calls inside Columbia during December, Sgt. Raymond Allen reported to the mayor and aldermen on Feb. 5.

There were 546 such calls in November and 586 in October.

Sgt. Allen also reported 18 ambulance and four fire calls in Columbia in December.

Various activities included one incident each of: dispute in progress, drunk disturbance, fraud, holdup alarm, improperly parked vehicle, injury to property in progress, larceny, seizure, suspicious condition in progress, suspicious person, town code violation, traffic hazard, and unconscious person.

In addition officers responded to or performed 375 business checks, 51 traffic stops, 41 security checks, 15 conversations with citizens, 14 prisoner transports, 11 intrusian/burglar alarms, 11 unlocks, 11 court papers served, 7 warrants served, 7 escorts, 6 followups, 6 information requests, 5 foot patrols, 5 assists to other agencies, 3 accidents, 3 careless and reckless driving, 3 fire alarms, 3 drug violations, 3 investigations, and 2 welfare checks.

Deputies issued 23 citations during December — four for drug violations, five for no registration or license, and 13 for speeding (with speeds ranging from 50 to 60 mph and a 35-mph zone).

In the northwest section of town, as divided by Scuppernong Drive and Broad Street, officers conducted one investigation, issued 11 citations, and served on arrest order for failure to appear in court.

In the northeast tract there were four investigations conducted and five citations issued.

The southwest quadrant saw one investigation, five citations, and one on-view arrest for driving while impaired.

The southeast sector had two investigations and three citations.

Seven warrants were served at the sheriff’s office: one for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, possession of drug peraphernalia, and misdemeanor marijuana possession; one for failure to appear; and five for possession of controlled substance on prison-jail premises.

The two officers assigned to duty inside Columbia drove 1,818 miles during December.


Sgt. Allen also reported 467 law enforcement calls inside Columbia during January, compared with 619 in December and 546 in November.

There were 27 ambulance and three fire calls in January.

Activities included one or more incients of assault, careless and reckless driver, chest pains, communicating threats, dispute in progress, domestic in progress, fight in progress, mission person, obscene phone call, person fallen, drug violation, suspicious condition in progress, suspicious person in progress, suspicious vehicle, town code violations, traffic hazard.

Other activities similar to those in December were responded to.

Fourteen citations issued were for alcohol-related violation, expired registration, no operator’s license, drug violations, and speeding.

In the northwest quadrant of the town, as described by Scuppernong Drive and Broad Street, five citations were issued.

In the northeast there were two investigations, seven citations issued, two arrest orders serves (both for failure to appear in court to answer charges of child non-support), and one on-view arrest for possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaines and for possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana.

The southwest sector saw one arrest order served for child support failure.

And the southeast tract saw one investigation, two citations, and one arrest order served for failure appear on criminal summons.

Arrests made at the sheriff’s office were one criminal summons served for communicating threats and two warrants served for failure to appear and for possession of controlled substance on prison-jail premises.

Officer assigned to Columbia drove 1,252 miles on duty during January.