Join ECA and strengthen families

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The mission of the North Carolina Extension and Community Association, Inc. is to strengthen families through: Leadership development, volunteer work, educational support, and research-based education from North Carolina State University and North Carolina A & T State University.

What Can You Expect to Learn? Extension & Community Association members have a wide variety of educational opportunities which include: Family, environmental, and global issues; special projects, family community leadership, and certified volunteer units.

As an Extension & Community member, you’ll —

  • Meet with other individuals for facts, fellowship and fun.
  • Have an opportunity to go places and do things — conferences, tours, workshops, conventions and other state events for club members.
  • Be part of a state organization with over 9,000 members working to better themselves, their homes and their communities.

For more information, call Dee Furlough at 252-796-1581 in the Tyrrell County Center North Carolina Cooperative Extension, or email