Tyrrell Schools upgrade security cameras

Published 4:11 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

We are currently upgrading the district’s security camera system in order to extend the useful life of existing cameras and to make way for adding lower cost, higher performance camera technology.

In 2011 we upgraded to a centrally managed IP camera system, greatly increasing camera coverage, performance, and manageability.

This latest upgrade builds upon the 2011 system by allowing the district to continue using existing IP cameras and to add newer cameras that outperform previous models at a fraction of the cost. The cost savings will make it easier to increase the overall camera coverage area within the district and to take advantage of the higher level of details most our newer cameras are capable of displaying.

This upgrade also includes additional network server storage space enabling cameras to store video for longer periods of time and at higher resolutions. The software that runs this new system allows administrators to locate events much more quickly and easily than in the past. This will improve an administrator’s ability to proactively monitor their campus and it will allow them to be more responsive and accurate when investigating incidents.

Our security camera system is one of our most important school safety tools. We value this resource and are actively monitoring to ensure responsible use and maintenance.