Officials find contraband outside Tyrrell prison

Published 9:27 am Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Around 11:30 PM on March 21 staff at the Tyrrell Prison Work Farm north of Columbia became suspicious of a vehicle traveling slowly and without headlights on Snell Road in front of the prison, Sheriff Darryl Liverman reported.

Prison staff then searched the roadside near the prison and found 110 grams of marijuana, 4 pounds of tobacco, 2 packs of Newport cigarettes, 2 cans of Grizzly smokeless tobacco, and 5 packs of cigars.

The Tyrrell County Sheriff’s Office responded and took custody of the marijuana.

Law enforcement and prison officials believe that the contraband was going to be smuggled into the prison.

Thirty-five inmates have been arrested on drug charges at the prison since May 2017, the sheriff stated.

The investigation is ongoing.