WDN welcomes new sports editor

Published 7:22 pm Thursday, April 12, 2018

Coaches, players and parents can expect to see a new face at their games, meets and matches in the coming months. This week, the Washington Daily News welcomes Sean Finnerty as the paper’s new sports editor.

A native of south Florida, Finnerty has lived in eastern North Carolina for the past four years, attending East Carolina University. Graduating in December with a degree in communications and a focus in journalism, Finnerty is no stranger to Washington or the WDN.

“I helped out Mike Prunka, the previous sports editor, doing some freelance work,” Finnerty said. “I covered high school softball, baseball and some youth baseball games.”

With family in the area, Finnerty says Washington seemed like a good place to break into the world of sports journalism.

“It’s peaceful and people are very friendly,” Finnerty said. “With the hustle and bustle of south Florida, people don’t even look at you when you walk past on the road, whereas here people smile and talk to you.”

Finnerty, an athlete himself, particularly enjoys playing soccer, football and basketball, as well as spending time outdoors in general. Eventually, he hopes to see himself in a position as a sportscaster. As he makes the WDN sports page his own, he hopes to incorporate multimedia and video elements to enhance the section’s online presence.

“I would maybe like to look at putting up post-game interviews in a little package describing what happened,” Finnerty said. “Or maybe a feature on a player while showing key plays of the game.”

Finnerty can be reached via email at sean.finnerty@thewashingtondailynews.com.