Deed Transfers: March 19-23, 2018

Published 11:29 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

The following land transactions occurred in Beaufort County the period March 19-23, 2018.




Haskell M. Taylor Jr. to Audrey W. Turnage, Chocowinity Township, 1.72 acres.

Teresa Laura Little to Teresa Laura Little, Richland Township, .105 acre, Crystal Beach Estates.

Christopher M. Sewell to Terry A. Taylor, lot 16, Bridgewater South.

William Samuel Miles Cox Sr. to Bambi R. Cox, Long Acre Township, lot 1, Ridgewood.

David G. Johnston to Seth Meade, lot 26, Catnip Point Estates.

Estelle F. Baker (executor) to Estelle F. Baker, two parcels, Aurora Beach.

Dorothy S. Southerland to James Lewis Southerland, Bath Township, two tracts, Bayview.

Edward W. Kistner to Thomas J. Correll II, 2.52 acres on Dixon Road.

Thomas J. Correll II to Edward W. Kistner, 2.,52 acres on Dixon Road.



Fishing Creek Properties LLC to High Zzeazzz Inc., Pantego Township, several units Dowry Creek boataminium, three lots.

Larry W. Gibbs to Barbara H. Watson, 10.19 acres, Beech Ridge Road and Old Way Mill Road.

Hubert Herman Watson III to Stephen W, Carawan, 7.42 acres on Old Way Mill Road.

Hubert Herman Watson III to Stephen W, Carawan, 6.89 acres on Old Way Mill Road.

Kenneth Paul Harris to Water Street Villas LLC, Belhaven, three tracts.

Charles Clifton Daw Sr. to Charles Clifton Daw Jr., Pantego Township, two tracts Neck B Road.

Barbara J. Paul to Mary Frances Burbage, Bath Township, three parcels.

Mary Frances Burbage to Barbara J. Paul, Bath Township, three parcels.

Janet D. Sasnett to Amanda Sasnett McKinney, Long Acre Township, .999 acre, Slatestone Road.

Betty J. Moore to PCS Phosphate Co., Richland Township (no details).

Patricia Hemby to PCS Phosphate Co. Richland Township, land on Bonnerton Road,

Odell EHemby Jr. to PCS Phosphate Co., Richland Township, land on Bonnerton Road.

Barbara C. Daniels to Gary Gaynor, 1.66 acres (no details).



Tiffany Jackson Rowe to Morris Mitchell Odess, lot B (no details).

Tommy Swanner (executor) to Kathryn Ann Bryan, Washington, two tracts, one on Nicholson Street, one in Morningside.

Ned H. Craft to Rebecca Lynn Rogalla, Bath Township, lot 26, Camp Leach Estates.

Fred G. Woolard Jr. to Dwain Coty Woolard, Bath Township, land on Ormond Avenue.

Springleaf Home Equity Inc. to Tonya R. Cahoon, lot on NC Highway 32.

G.F. Rice Construction Inc. to Jerry Thomas Boone, Washington, lot 1, Raspberry Row.

Hoyt G. Leggett Jr. to Danny H. Leggett, two tracts on U.S. Highway 264.

Northgate Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC, Washington Township, lots 24 and 25, Northgate.

William Dallas Linton to William Christopher Hopkins, Bath Township, land on Outley Road.

Sylvia B. White to Sylvia B. White, Richland Township, two tracts, Crystal Beach Estates.

William C. Meyers to Dana Hebden, Long Acre Township, lot 39, Winchester.



Maria Del Carmen Martinez Ruiz to Telesforo Martinez-Abreu, Chocowinity Township, lot 21, Showcase Estates.

Richard F. Apple to Eugene S. Degennaro, lot 6. Cypress Landing.

Carl E. Wenger to Kevin Pelch, Pantego Township, lot 41, Dowry Creek.

Jimmy Douglas Linson to Ervin E. Daniels, Richland Township, three lots, Aurora Beach.

Troy Wayne Respess to Randy W. Respess, Bath Township, two tracts, Price Estates.

Oscar Levi Moore to Ignacia Garcia Garcia, Washington, land at Van Norden and Ninth streets.

William Thomas Gray to Gray & Taylor Properties LLC, five parcels, Island View Shores.

Leslie McCormick to Leslie McCormick, lots 103 and 104, Pamlico Plantation.

Big Swamp LLC to Jeffrey Herrington, Washington Township, 6.94 acres.