Help the animals, get restrung at PC Sound this week

Published 8:43 pm Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pet food and guitar strings are two things that don’t typically go together. But this week at PC Sound, you can trade the former for the latter as Washington and Greenville locations hold their biannual “Food for Strings” event through Saturday.

Even more importantly, you could help a family in eastern North Carolina keep their pet.

“This event benefits the Pet Food Pantry of Eastern North Carolina,” PC Sound Office Manager Stephanie Braddy explained. “They help families in Pitt, Beaufort and Craven counties keep their pets. People who have fallen on hard times, lost their jobs or who are on disability and unable to work — they want the pets to be able to stay with them because pets provide moral support and they don’t want the family to have to break up over those things.”

According to the Pitt County animal shelter, financial burdens are one of the top reasons people bring in their pets for surrender. Braddy, who volunteered with that organization for two years, has seen the heartbreak firsthand.

“If we can come together to help each other, then life will go on a lot happier,” Braddy said. “In this day and age, it seems like we’re all concerned about ourselves, so it feels good to help other people. I know if I was in that situation, it would be nice if somebody stepped up and said, ‘Hey, I’m here to help you.’”

Through April 28, musicians can have a guitar restrung at no cost when they bring a five-pound bag of pet food to the store or a $5 donation. For bassists, since the strings are more expensive, the store asks for either 15 pounds of food or a $15 donation.

For every five-pound bag or $5 donation, participants will be entered into a drawing for a $40 and a $60 gift certificate to the store, adding incentive for those who might not own a guitar or bass.

The staff at PC Sound has hosted “Food for Strings” twice each year since May 2015, collecting 271 pounds of pet food and $243 in cash donations. While the spring drive is specifically for pet food, the store also holds a second event in November to collect food for Eagle’s Wings food pantry.

Strings for the event are donated by D’Addario and DR Strings. and the staff of PC Sound then donates their time to restring the instruments. For more information, visit the store at 1826 W. Fifth St. in Washington or 420 Arlington Boulevard in Greenville, or visit