Child data card issued for Tyrrell County

Published 10:59 am Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tyrrell County showed both gains and losses in the 2018 County Data Card, a snapshot of child well-being issued each year by NC Child, a non-profit advocacy organization based in Raleigh.

NC Child estimates 764 children in Tyrrell County, 33% of whom are under age six. There were 51 live births to county residents in 2016.

70.6% of women received early prenatal care in 2016 versus 74.4% in 2015.

Two percent of babies were born at low birth weight in 2016 compared with 5.1% in 2015.

3.9% of babies were born pre-term in 2016; the 2015 figure was not shown.

80.3% of children were living in poor or low-income homes in 2016 versus 75.5% in 2015.

26.6% of children were in households that were food insecure in 2016 compared with 29.5% in 2015.

Seven children were in foster care in Tyrrell in 2016 compared with one in 2015 (9.2/1000 versus 1.3/1000).

Children assessed for abuse or neglect were 53 in 2016 versus 31 in 2015 (69.4/1000 versus 40.1/1000).

Third grade students scoring proficient in reading was 52.1% in 2016-17; no 2015 figure was shown.

High school students graduating on time in 2017 was 92.3% versus 91.9% in 2015.

Residents with bachelor’s degree or higher in 2016 was 8.2% compared with 8.0% in 2015.

Two percent of children were without health insurance in 2016; no figure was shown for 2015.

There was no infant mortality in 2016 or 2015.

Child deaths per 100,000 were 52.8 in 2016 and 78.8 in 2015.

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