Judge Issues Consent judgment in Carolina Inn Nuisance Case

Published 12:33 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ROANOKE RAPIDS — Superior Court Judge Alma L. Hinton entered a consent judgment April 20 against the Carolina Inn, 1015 Jackson Street, Roanoke Rapids. The judgment prohibits the owners of the Carolina Inn from operating a nuisance property anywhere in the state and mandates permanent security improvements to the property.

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department has been called to the property multiple times during the past few years, including stabbings, fighting, controlled substances, prostitution and other crimes.

This judgment is the latest step in a civil nuisance abatement case brought by the City of Roanoke Rapids on behalf of the State of North Carolina. Darshan Enterprise, Inc. owns and operates the property.

“The Carolina Inn has had a long history of criminal violations that have consistently drained law enforcement resources and negatively impacted the community at large,” said Josh Batten, assistant special agent in charge for Alcohol Law Enforcement which helped Roanoke Rapids prepare the civil suit.

The judgment mandates the installation of specific security features, requires licensed security personnel to be present on the property during certain hours and prohibits long term tenants. No one is allowed to engage in any nuisance-related criminal activity on the property, regardless of ownership.

“Large lodging facilities that become a hub for criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community,” said Chief of Police C. Hasty. “It is paramount that law enforcement and the community work together to solve these problems. I sincerely appreciate the cooperation and input of the property owners in this matter.”

“Many times when motels are used as permanent residences, they become a breeding ground for criminal activity,” said Batten. “These court-mandated requirements should benefit both the property owners and the community as a whole.”

The investigation and information gathered for this lawsuit was a joint effort between members of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department and members of ALE’s Nuisance Abatement Team.

Editor’s Note: For more information, contact Roanoke Rapids Police C. Hasty at (252) 533-2810.