Active duty servicemembers attend Military Appreciation Day

Published 10:13 pm Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cypress Landing was alight with red, white and blue Saturday as active duty servicemembers from bases across eastern North Carolina descended on Cypress Landing Golf Club for Military Appreciation Day. Guests were treated to a round of golf, food, beverages, snacks and more, courtesy of residents and local sponsors. Pictured: (above) Denny Karpy laughs at the good-natured ribbing between retired military officers, now Cypress Landing residents; (below) patriotic was the theme of the day as residents came dressed for the tournament; active duty servicemembers await the start of the golf round; Southside High School’s band opened the ceremonies of the day with a patriotic-themed selections of music; U.S. Marine Corps Maj. General (Ret.) Gordon Nash, one of the organizers of the event welcomed guests and residents to Military Appreciation Day.