The best flowers picked first

Published 9:57 pm Sunday, April 29, 2018

Do you remember who your first date was with? The date that your Dad had to drive you to her house and you gave her a corsage? You both were dressed to a “T” and your parents told you what to say to her parents when you got inside the house. Usually, this was not your girlfriend, even if you rode in the back seat while your Dad drove.

This was a friend or either a date to one of Marie Wallace’s dances. Marie had taught us proper etiquette that we forgot the older we became. As we got older and started to drive, boys never just blew their car horn for the date to come out! You went to the door and knocked, and it was usually the father that answered. Once inside, you told the parents where you intended on going and asked what time the wanted their daughter home. If the parents disagreed about either the time or destination, you changed sites, and if you wanted to return, you brought her home on time. You never just sat in the driveway once you were back either. Remember “Nothing ever happens good after 11 p.m.?” Heard that more than once, like many of you did.

I remember one date all too well! It was with Susiegray Moore (McConnell). Got to her home in Honey Pod and knocked on the door. Mr. Ray Moore came to the door and I asked if Susiegray was ready. Now, please understand that I had a great deal of respect for Mr. Moore and was a little intimidated by him, even if he and my Dad were good friends. He called for Susiegray and with her customary big smile, she told me she had forgotten our date. And with me! One look at Mr. Ray and back at Susiegray, it was two against one. So, we dated the next night and many more times afterwards. We laughed each time about her forgetting me!

There were many other dates and situations, but I found out that if I listened to my Mom and Dad, usually things worked out well. It was only when being a “hard head” and not doing as they suggested, is when I got into trouble. That happened more than once!

As you know, Susiegray’s smile is no longer with us. She had the biggest smile and could light up a room with her smile and presence. She is missed by us all, but her name can be seen at the baseball and soccer facility built and named after her (Susiegray McConnell Athletic Facility). She was a special person in many ways. It is said that “God picks his prettiest flowers first,” and Susiegray is proof of that!

The best of times, with the best of friends, in the best of places — Washington, NC!

— Harold Jr.

Harold Robinson Jr. is a native of Washington.