Whittney Cromwell to extend softball career after graduation

Published 4:48 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2018

PINETOWN—Whittney Cromwell will continue on with her academic and athletic careers next school year, as the Northside softball player signed to play at Fayetteville Technical Community College on Tuesday.

Cromwell will join the Trojans, who are affiliated with the National Junior College Athletic Association, as they embark on their first season playing softball. It’s an experience Cromwell is eager to begin.

“It’s really exciting because this is their first team,” Cromwell said. “It’s the start of the program, hopefully it’ll grow further from here.”

Familiarity with those already involved in the FTCC softball program is what helped Cromwell decide to become a Trojan. She played travel softball last summer for an FTCC assistant coach and already personally knows many of her future teammates. She credits them with convincing her to be a part of the founding class for the Trojan softball team.

Cromwell’s goals while at FTCC don’t just revolve around the softball field. Along with improving as a player and a teammate, Cromwell aims to complete her courses at FTCC, before transferring to a school with a quality veterinarian program.

Northside softball coach Gil Robbins has gotten to know Cromwell very well over the years. From his perspective, it’s Cromwell’s resolve that will carry her to success, be it on the field or in the classroom.

“She is one determined girl; that’s who she is,” Robbins said. “She’s been in our ROTC program, so there’s a lot of self discipline built in to her. You take that and combine it with determination and it’s sort of like ‘true grit,’ if you will.

College is a time to expand one’s horizons and experience new things and Cromwell is no different. She said what she most looks forward to, as she gets ready to begin a new chapter in her life, is meeting new people and living life out on her own.