Purpose of God Mission House gives family new hope

Published 7:45 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Less than a year ago, Faith Owens was without a home. Seeking help for herself and her seven children, Owens and her family went from organization to organization, with doors closing at every turn.

Today, Owens, and her family of seven children have found a new beginning. Upon hearing her story, the Purpose of God Annex took the family in its arms. For the last four months, the ministry has helped the family with housing and transportation to help fulfill the family’s basic needs.

With a mission of making a home for this family, POGA took on a new project. While Bishop Samuel Jones Jr. and his congregation had maintained transitional housing in the past, the new arrangement was the answer to many prayers.

Working with landlord Harry Meredith Jr., the organization worked out an agreement to rent a home on West Ninth Street for a very reasonable rent. Partnering with other congregations, POGA and a collection of community members began raising money for rent and donations of furniture.

The result was the Purpose of God Annex Mission Home, a transitional home that will allow Owens, and many after, to find a way out of poverty.

“The kids are so happy to finally have somewhere to lay their heads without having to move every two or three nights,” POGA founder Jones said.

Fully equipped with donated furniture, the home has room for the family to spread out. With a living room, a full sized dining room and study and playrooms for the kids, the home is comfortable, even for a family of eight.

“I just feel overjoyed that I was able to get some help,” Owens said, adding that other organizations weren’t able to help long term. “Now, Purpose of God has helped provide a place for us to stay. I’m very grateful.”

Jones is currently enrolled in POGA’s Project New Hope program, attending classes two days per week. Upon completion, she hopes to be recruited as a secretary in the office.

“We all came together and put this place together,” Owens said. “As a community, everyone worked together. Even other people that we didn’t know helped donate stuff and due to those donations, this house is fully furnished.”

Support for the Mission House came from First Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Bright Futures of Beaufort County, The Friendship Class at First United Methodist Church, Cypress Landing Community, the Beaufort County Department of Social Services, Christ Church of Washington, First Presbyterian Church, Church of the Good Shepherd, Al and Jamie Ross and many others in Beaufort County.

Thanks to the partnership between these community partners, POGA has raised rent to last through August. If your church would be interested in helping maintain the POGA Mission Home, contact the Annex at 252-974-1484.