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Tyrrell school board adopts campus safety measures

The Tyrrell County Board of Education has approved a plan to improve safety and security on the Columbia High/Middle School campus, Dr. Will Hoffman, superintendent, announced May 11.

Included in the plan is the installation of access control hardware on seven building entrances. These entrances will be monitored electronically and by school personnel. Staff members will receive electronic access ID cards. Students will follow school schedules for building access.

Additional security cameras will give full coverage of entrances, and an awning will be installed over the front entrance of the high school main building to allow visitors to pause comfortably while receiving clearance to enter the school, Dr. Hoffman explained.

All buildings and classrooms on the campus will receive a numeric identification along with corresponding signage to simplify directions for visitors and emergency services personnel.

Visitor maps and campus passes will be issued to all visitors. New signs will be posted at multiple entry points on campus directing all visitors to enter through the front entrance of the high school main building or the front entrance of the middle school.

“We believe the safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance, and we are constantly assessing the state of our safety efforts and looking for ways to improve them,” Dr. Hoffman stated.